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Unmatched Mobile Security

When you use our peer-to-peer chat, your messages go directly to your recipient. Our servers only alert user devices that are available to communicate with each other. The messages never touch the servers.

Sender is online, recipient is offline. Message doesn’t get sent from sender’s phone.

Sender is offline, recipient is online. Message remains unsent on sender’s phone (no copy on server).

Sender is offline, recipient is online. Message remains unsent on sender’s phone (no copy on server).


Modern 256-Bit AES cipher encryption

Chat and groupchat security

Messages encrypted with 256-bit AES cipher

Connetion security

4096-bit Diffie-Hellman used to establish secure connection

Authentication if other phone is online

SHA-2 hashing used for authentication

New chat, always new keys

Different keys for every chat session


Secure devices

Our encrypted mobile devices offer an extremely reduced attack surface and a security-hardened OS.

Unbreakable encryption

All our products employ state-of-the-art cryptography with maximum-length encryption keys.

Zero-server trace

Our servers just facilitate communication between users. We don’t store or copy messages.

Perged vulnerabilities

Exploitable sensors and features that are easily used for cyberattacks, such as the NFC and GPS sensors, are disabled.

secure mail

Secure Email compatible with other systems

PGP Emails only you can read. Do you share sensitive information over email? Unless you encrypt your messages, someone might be able to intercept and read them. Secure Email is an app that solves this issue with strong encryption.

secure mail

User control over PGP keys

In PGP encryption, you use the same pair of keys for all your messages. Their security is entirely dependent on the complexity of the keys and how they are stored. Titan Secure gives users total control over their keys.

Keys generated within the app on the user’s device

No keys on Crypto Cloud’s servers and no way to replicate them

User messages pass through servers but cannot be decrypted by anyone but the user – who has the keys only on their device

Titan Secure Sim Card

We provide every phone with our own sim card. Worldwide calling with different network operators in every Country.

Tech Specs

GB Storage


MHz CPU quad-core


mAh Battery


MP front camera

Tech Specs
Secure OS

Security- hardened OS

The device runs on a highly customized version of Android, modified down to the kernel level to remove vulnerabilities.

Reduced attack surface

Multiple security layers

Tripple password protection

Remote and emergency wipe

Remote management

Secure OS

End-to-end encrypted communications

Peer-to-peer chat

Send messages that never reach the premises of our servers.

Group chat

Create group chats that only store information until all members receive it.

Secure calls

Make absolutely private worldwide VoIP voice calls.

Secure file storage

Save photos, audio, video, text, and even whole conversations. Take encrypted notes or make secure backups.

Multiple wipe options

A wipe sequence can be triggered by an attempt for physical tampering, by the user, or remotely, erasing all data stored on the device.

Incognito mode

This special mode of operation allows you to mask your secure mobile device as a Regular Android in case of unwanted inspection or peeking eyes.



Frequently Asked Questions

What data plan do the devices come with?

All the devices we offer come with a multi-IMSI SIM card which offers unlimited data coverage across the globe. 
You don’t have to deal with mobile operators or to worry about roaming. 
As long as you are within the coverage of any cell network anywhere in the world, you can use our products to communicate in privacy.

Can I erase the information on my phone if it gets lost or stolen?

Yes, you can. We offer remote wipe options by sending a message with a specific predefined command to the encrypted phone via chat.
Furthermore, Titan Secure will automatically be wiped in case the device doesn’t sync with our servers for a specific time; you can predefine.
It can also be wiped remotely by us at your request.

Are there any security backdoors in your products?

No. We are strongly opposed to the idea of putting backdoors in security products because this undermines their reliability. 
A backdoor is there both for friends and adversaries. Our end-users cannot afford that kind of risk, and neither do we.

What encryption protocols do you use?

Peer-to-peer chat - OTR encryption with 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman, AES-256, and SHA-2 hashing.
Group chat - OMEMO encryption, relying on the Double Ratchet protocol, with AES-256 and SHA-2 hashing.
VoIP calls -  ZRTP protocol that uses Diffie–Hellman key exchange and the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for encryption.

How does Titan Secure guarantee the privacy of my communications?

We guarantee your privacy in three ways. 
First, our communication services use encryption based on peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols that have proved their reliability over time. 
All messages travel in encrypted form from the sender to the recipient.
Second, users are in charge of their privacy. No encryption keys are ever stored on our servers. 
And third, we simply facilitate the communication between you and your contacts. No messages ever stay on our servers.