System Commissioning and Training

System Commissioning & PlanningTitan understands that no installation is complete until it is tested in its real environment and the operators are fully competent in system operation. From the day we start your installation our focus is on success at final checkout, and commissioning. We understand that doing it over costs us money and destroys your confidence in us and the system.

Many manufactures use the trial and error method of installation using the customer’s people and facility to test out their product. At Titan we coordinate the design with you, build the system in our test lab and ensure its works before we begin installation. Titan has a team of commissioning technicians that will come on site and bring the systems on line, fully test, document, make corrections on-the-spot and then train your administrators to be able to operate the systems. Let’s face it, a successful installation is what our reputation hinges on and we would like to be your provider in the future. Our goal is to make sure that every aspect of the project is completed as planned in full compliance with code and licensing requirements. Training your personnel and providing meaningful documentation is to our advantage. We don’t leave you with unresolved issues.