Security Vulnerability Assessments

Risk AssessmentUnderstanding where your vulnerabilities are and how to economically correct them is the first step in securing your facilities and personnel.

We consider a Vulnerability Assessment an essential part of protection. Properly, done these assessments provide company leaders a base-line from which to build an effective deterrent. Titan has the capabilities to do detailed vulnerability assessments of your facilities and infrastructure using the latest technology and our most experienced personnel. In coordination with your personnel, we will do an in depth SVA study State and Federal guidelines examining your present security systems and practices. Once your vulnerabilities are identified we will detail ways to eliminate your exposure. Our analysis will include both physical and state of the art electronic measures. We will work within your budget and provide simple to complex solutions that are affordable and may reduce insurance costs for your facilities. Titan can provide the leadership, guidance and expertise necessary to improve your security posture. For large institutions and multiple site complexes we also conduct Collaborative Site Surveys that take several personnel and a few weeks to complete.