Custom Application Engineering

Custom Engineering SolutionsCompetent Engineering is the key to eliminating false positive security alarms and being able to quickly adapt to new or unforeseen requirements. AT Titan we quickly eliminate the obvious and concentrate on the hard issues that result in system failure.

Titan has software and hardware engineers that work to provide the properly designed and integrated solutions. Our interface to your existing IT and communication infrastructure brings a project to successful conclusion.

Working with your network operators and understanding the present configuration has a great impact on design. An example of a potential problem would be putting a large number of IP cameras on an existing network that does not have the bandwidth to support them.

Once missed, this key point may bring your entire system down and will undoubtedly cause huge frustration to your network personnel and an unneeded expense to correct. Our continuing research of systems and development of workable solutions enables Titan to engineer and deliver innovative and effective turnkey solutions that will integrate with your current infrastructure.