hospitalHospitals and healthcare systems present many challenges that require proven, integrated solutions. The healthcare industry is one of the most highly regulated of all industries. The Joint Commission, HIPAA, CMS, and OSHA, are a few regulatory agencies in the United States. In most cases it is very difficuly to meet these regulatory requirements’ without a comprehensive security plan and appropriate technology.

Usually health systems and hospitals will utilize multiple sites and multiple facilities spread out over a geographical area. Patient, visitor, and staff security and safety is always a major concern. Managing security and access to the facilities with no disruption or inconvenience can be difficult.

With issues include restricted access and false accident claims and equipment theft, to list a few, all of which are preventable with an integrated solution from Titan Security.

Using access control and security software from Titan Security can help a hospital establish defined security areas/zones. Using the badging software, the hospital can issue badges to all of its employees, medical staff, contractors and even vendors. Properly issued access cards can provide access to appropriate facilities, buildings, or areas from the one access card based on the level of access that was granted. This ensures that sensitive areas like pharmacies, central supply, and research clinics are only accessible to authorized personnel. Integrated video can reduce incidents, risk, and provide a level of security required and expected by all.

An integrated Access Control security system can be an invaluable tool in the investigation process. With the introduction of dome cameras and corresponding recorded footage obtainable through the video management system, all incidents of claims can be supported with footage that is automatically backed up for future reference. In the healthcare industry it is essential to balance patient security with patient accessibility. With an integrated security, access control and video solution from Titan Security we can provide a proven application for healthcare requirements.