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We are securityTitans physical access control system are taking a leadership position in the federal government market by providing solutions emphasizing security and conformity to the advanced standards government agencies demand. By implementing the Titan solution, agencies choose an access control portfolio that has been built around years of government initiatives and directives, such as the DoD CAC identification standards to the latest in HSPD-12 PIV processes. With a wide range of highly rated software and hardware solutions, from access control to complete identity management to advanced video analytics, and integration to virtually any other subsystem and edge device, Titan systems perform as one of the industry’s top federal government solutions. With a totally scalable open-architecture enterprise system design, Titan becomes the solution of choice that keeps the DoD, Intelligence, and U.S. federal government in a position of security leadership. Titan products adhere to the open architecture platform the company has built its reputation upon. With system interoperability in mind, Titan systems give the U.S. federal government unlimited power in dealing with the very specific situations confronted on a daily basis. The Titan system operate seamlessly with defense-centric concerns such as mobile access operations, SCIF installations, absolute intrusion detection control, advanced mustering, credential technologies such as advanced smart card, biometric and identity management systems video and radar systems and perimeter protection. These are the fundamental details that are engineered into Titan. From access control to video, perimeter protection to thermal imaging, badging to visitor management, identity management to smart card operations and logical security integrations, the full line of products offered by Titan satisfies even the most discerning U.S. federal government security requirements.