Commercial / Industrial

Site SurveysIn the Commercial/Industrial sector, companies’ needs go beyond the basic security system. Due to the variety and complexity of most commercial/industrial companies, the security system can go from simple to very complex. Most companies combine Access Control, Video Surveillance, Perimeter Protection, and Intrusion Detection systems to have a complete solution for protecting their assets and personnel.

An integrated Access control, Video surveillance, Perimeter Protection, and Intrusion Detection system provides a complete solution for the commercial/industrial business. Titan solutions are well positioned because of their ability to integrate all of the required subsystems, edge devices and components. Another advantage offered by Titan is an open SDK for special or custom integrations.

Titans access control systems provide a very rich feature set such as alarm management with custom messages, watch trap, antipassback, mustering, intrusion zones, area lockout, clearance filter, and multi-tiered levels of clearances which allow control who has access to what and when. Other features include the ability that allows the system to prevent anyone who may have been contaminated in one area to enter another area and thus contaminate it (this feature is especially important in the pharmaceutical industry. Clearance level is a feature which can be used in a case where an area needs to be locked out to ALL personnel except those that are qualified. This can be done by changing the clearance level of the readers associated with the area and not having to change clearances to individual cardholders. This is a very efficient way for a security administrator to change who has access to an area without touching the cardholders’ database.

cctv security systemUsing Titan solutions and video analytics, we have also created such applications for customers including logical fences; allowing the monitorind of directional traffic flow, speed and size of objects, and objects left behind. These actions can all trigger alarms and/or events to signal trouble to the system and to the operators.