About Titan Security

Titan Security Group,  a leader in advanced security systems, developing design  solutions that effectively and efficiently protects facilities, people and assets. “Best of Breed Technology” and easy integration were founding principles of Titan, and remain at the forefront of Titan’s evolution and innovation in a security world increasingly turning to cloud-based solutions and mobile monitoring. Titan maintains leadership in flexible, scalable, integrated security solutions.

Custom Hardware and Software in Perfect HarmonyTitan was founded in 2008, by five professionals with experience in the engineering, programming, and security totaling 120 years. In the past, competing security systems were highly proprietary and closed. Yet the founders and first engineers at Titan understood the value of open architecture and streamlined integration with third-party security components.

Because of this, Titan Security Group launched in 2008 and quickly became the security solutions Integrator of choice, helping customers achieve ultimate  flexibility on every aspect of their system, from access control to video, operating systems to databases and beyond. Customers value the power of choice from Titan the versatility that true hardware and software independence delivers. Today, some of the most security-conscious organizations in the world trust their facilities to Titan, including the oil and gas industry, Chemical production, Ivy-league universities, leading software companies, and a large array of government and military agencies in the U.S. and overseas.

Global Security SolutionsAs Titan Security Group and other Titan products are introduced and evolve, best-of-breed technology from multiple manufacturers can be easily integrated into almost any system aspect, so customers capital investments are protected and exceptional long-term value is maintained. Titan also engineers leading edge Custom Solutions, and an array of Global Services, encompassing education, technical support, professional services and custom solutions.