Enterprise Security Solutions:

Titan Security Corporation Is Enterprise Security Solutions
Titan Security  Group utilizes best of breed technologies allowing systems to be designed using the latest database platforms, communication and OS engines. These powerful command and control software packages are adaptable to virtually any control system requirement.

Powerful With Operational Simplicity

Titan operational-simplicity
Simplicity is one result of our  solutions. Scalability is not just a function, but the result of successful strategy, often beginning with pilot programs and iterative process developed from an extension of a functional platform

Subsystem Integration Engine

Subsystem Integration Engine
Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software is only effective where it can integrate all of your security platforms and devices and coordinate your security and IT personnel. Titan Security Group systems are designed with these critical tasks in mind.

Enterprise Security Made Simple.

We are securityTitan Security Groups systems offer a complete line of  hardware products, a complete collection of video products, Fiber SenSys Perimeter products, and more to come very soon! These multi-platform security command and control software packages revolutionized the industry when it was first introduced in 2008. Now in its third release, the Titan Security System is offered by the Titan Security Group the very team of engineers and security specialists who first introduced it!

In an industry full of product companies where marketing managers task engineers to create products with the features they select, the Titan Security Group emerges as an engineering company that develops products with the features that customers want. The Titan Security Group provides:

  • Hardware and Software products for Security/Access Control.
  • Video Severance Systems for security requirements.
  • Direct merged integration to other security products
  • Cost Effective and Upgradeable Systems

Titan Security Group is an engineering company that develops and integrates command and control software packages and intrusion detection, device control,  access control and video products for the Security market place.  Where Titan leaves the pack and forges a new road is in two areas: 1) customer-centric system development, and 2) merged system integration. In the security marketplace today, customers have a number of systems from which to choose to meet their security/access control and video monitoring needs. In order to find the system that best meets their needs, they must create endless spreadsheets that list all the features of each of the various products  and then find the one that comes closest to meeting their needs. Titan Security Group, on the other hand, offers  systems that stands out next to their distant competitors. And the Titan Security Groups engineering team takes that next step to work with each customer to determine their unique needs, then makes the necessary system modifications each individual customer requires. The nature of the design of the  system allows this method of development to remain a COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) system with an upgradeable path for the future. Titan Security Group ensures that no customer is ever left behind. With today’s security companies becoming more focused and specialized, Titan Security Group recognize that it must create many alliances with other companies in order to provide its customers with the best products available. Rather than create a single product offering and force customers to use only the hardware devices Titan selects, the company’s goal is to integrate as many diverse products into its system as required to meet customer expectations. To that end,the systems are designed to accommodate multiple  and diverse edge devices, but still provide the end user with a simple easy to understand interface. To the end user, an alarm event is simply that. The Titan Security Systems doesn’t require an end user know which driver produces the event. It simply allows the user to respond. Titan Security Group maintains a hardware engineering department, but the company’s hardware engineers only create products that customers request that otherwise cannot be found for merged integration.